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Town of Pont-de-VauxPont-de-Vaux

"Pont de Vaux exhibits its heritage discreetly. Dispersed throughout the town, the richness of it frequently goes unrecognised. The town succeeded in seizing the beauty of every century and conserving fascinating remains." (M. Duffaux-Cholet).

Telephone : 00 385 30 30 02

01190 Pont-de-Vaux

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Antoine Chintreuil MuseumPont-de-Vaux

Founded in 1866 by a group of local notables, this museum is situated in a beautiful 17th century town house. It has a fine art collection with intimate light-filled landscapes by the early impressionist Antoine Chintreuil; a room dedicated to calligraphy and to the works of Jacques le Roux; another room for popular arts and traditions. Finally, there is an exhibition of curiosities from the animal and mineral worlds, objects brought back from faraway places, and exotic birds.The museum holds temporary exhibitions each season.

Telephone : +33 385 51 45 65

66, rue Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny - 01190 Pont-de-Vaux

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The Chapel of AigrefeuilleBâgé - Dommartin

All that remains of one of the oldest commanderies of the military order of St Lazare in France. Its past is testament to huge riches and the decorative tiling has hidden secrets - coats of arms, murals. People came here on pilgrimage from afar in the hope of cure for their ailing children.
Access ; Route de Potet 01380 Bage-Dommartin
Allow : The time you need
Open : All year -outside only

Telephone : 0033 678 17 14 21

Route de Potet - 01380 Bâgé - Dommartin

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Saint Martin churchReplonges

Telephone : 03 85 31 18 18

Au bourg - 01750 Replonges

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Notre Dame ChurchBâgé-le-Châtel

Telephone : 00 385 30 30 02

Grande rue - 01380 Bâgé-le-Châtel

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Interactive exhibition of the "Maison de l'eau et de la nature"Pont-de-Vaux

Home of water and nature: compulsory booking !
A place to enjoy yourself whilst learning about nature
The lands of Pays de Bage and Pont-de-Vaux have many hidden natural environments, known as Espaces Naturels Sensibles.

The Interactive Exhibition takes you on a fun journey through these natural sites, using innovative interactive tools, touch screens, interactive games and 3D film: catch fish in our rivers through an interactive floor, hear and see the birds of the Saone valley flood plain, investigate the mysteries of the Boz peat bogs, enjoy protecting the sand dunes at les Charmes, test your knowledge of the water cycle.

Free till age 16. Adult: 3€. Allow 1hr-1hr30min.
Open April-June and Sept/Oct Wednesday and Saturday 14-18hrs
Local school holidays, winter, spring, autumn - Tuesday to Sat 14-18hrs
Local school holidays summer (July-Aug) - Tues-Sun 14-18hrs

Interactive Games
“A la decouverte des geants!” (Find the Giants!)
Puzzles to be solved, using the natural world and trees round the pleasure port of Pont-de-Vaux, with the help of a Visio guide, led by fisherman Monsieur Pic le Martin and an attractive game handbook with information on the trees. Share this with friends or family!
Visio guide- 5€ for 4 people. Allow 1hr30-2hrs. Available when building is open.

Smartphone App. Play alone, or with friends and family, using one or several smartphones. Just load the free app on the smartphone. Find 8 places from photographs and clues.
Free - Smartphones available on loan. Allow 30-45 mins. During opening hours.

“Au fil de l’eau”
Discovery tour on foot or bicycle, on a route chosen to display the riches of the countryside. Choose between 5.5 or 9 km. Accessible to all. The Visio guide starts up automatically at places of interest to enhance your journey by video, sound commentaries, pictures, photographs and games.
Visio guide 5€ for 4 people. Allow 2-3hrs. During opening hours.

Telephone : +33 385 33 03 34

Route de Fleurville - 01190 Pont-de-Vaux

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Old Tram Station of Bage-DommartinBâgé - Dommartin

The tram station at Bage-la-Ville has recently been restored. This bears witness to the brief existence of a tramway in the Ain with a line from Bourg-en-Bresse to la Madeleine.
Access : Rue de la gare 01380 Bage-Dommartin
Allow The time you need
Open :All year -outside only

Telephone : 00 385 30 43 94

Rue de la gare - 01380 Bâgé - Dommartin

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Church of our Lady at Pont-de-VauxPont-de-Vaux

This church dates from the beginning of the 15th century but has been enlarged several times, the choir dating from the 16th and the facade from the 18th centuries. There is a beautiful collection of 18th century paintings by Nicolas Brenet, pupil of Boucher and Lagrenee. These depict scenes from the life of Jesus. Much of the furnishing came from the Chartreuse at Montmerle (Lescheroux) when it was sold as national property in 1790, notably the two angels on the main altar, which are of polychrome marble and attributed to Coustou. The tomb of General Joubert is in the church. He was born in Pont-de-Vaux and was commander-in-chief of the army in Italy during the Revolution.

Telephone : +33 983 26 81 76

Rue de Lattre de Tassigny - 01190 Pont-de-Vaux

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Roman-style (“Norman”) Church of St Andre-de-BageSaint-André-de-Bâgé

The church occupies the site of an ancient chapel dedicated to St Andrew, which came into the hands of the Lords of Bage after the 10th century. Lord Ulrich 1st of Bage gave it to Pierre, Abbot of Tournus, so that he could establish a priory. Building began in 1075 and continued till about 1125. You can still see traces of the foundations of the earlier chapel at the base of the walls of the nave. The octagonal bell-tower, whose spire is 37 metres high, has 3 floors, which become shallower as the height rises. On the facade there are alternating Lombard bands (columnar strips characteristic of the Roman style) and paired windows. The regular proportions and the lightness added by these features symbolise the “ascent to the Infinite”.
Access RD 28 01380 Saint-Andre-de-Bage. Parking nearby.
Allow The time you need
Open All year, key available, see notice on church door. Audio-guides available in French, English and German.

Telephone : 00 385 30 30 02

RD 28 - 01380 Saint-André-de-Bâgé

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Remains of medieval city wallsBâgé-le-Châtel

Medieval ramparts with defensive towers you can see while going on the the wall-walk.

Telephone : 00 385 30 30 02

01380 Bâgé-le-Châtel

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